Become a member of Uegwere Community USA


Active Membership

Membership shall be by registration and shall be open to all descendants of Uegwere by birth, marriage, and adoption. Members must be 18 years and above and resident in North America. Membership shall be considered active on the following conditions:

  1. Fulfill all financial obligations (must not owe more than two years of dues, levies, and pledges, etc)
  2. Attend annual National conventions (must not be absent from two consecutive annual conventions)
  3. Participate in other community activities organized by UC-USA.

Junior Membership

Junior members are those under the age of 18, but has formally registered. Junior members do not have financial obligations until they are 18 or above and economically independent.

Honorary Membership

Honorary members shall be friend and patrons of UC-USA admitted into the UC-USA by the National Executive Committee through conferment. Honorary members do not hold offices in UC-USA and they do not have voting rights.