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Emmanuel Kanee

Dr. Emmanuel Kanee


Mrs. Blessing Deeyaa

General Secretary

Nubari Deekae

Mr. Nubari Deekae

Financial Secretary

Eunice Koboo

Mrs. Eunice Koboo


Ms. NiaBari Chinyere Dugbor

Pro/Assistant Secretary

Leadership Structure of
Uegwere Community USA

We are governed by a National Executive Council consisting of:

The President
The Vice President
The General Secretary
The Assistant Secretary/Public Relations Officer
The Financial Secretary
The Treasurer

The Leadership of the organization also includes a Board of Directors that acts as an advisory
body to the General Assembly and fosters unity within the internal organs of the organization.

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Board of Directors

July 2016 – Present (Term ends 2022)
Dr. Solomon D. L. Lekia, Chairman (International Oil Company Executive, USA.)
Mrs. Veronica B. Sigalo, Member (Founder and CEO, Zion Keepers, Inc., USA)
Mr. Gbeneton Koboo, Secretary (Entrepreneur, Transportation and Logistics,
Mr. Douglas Ibaakee, Member (Healthcare Professional, USA.)

The composition and duties of the Uegwere Community USA Board of Directors
are spelt out in Article V, Section 2 of the Constitution of the Uegwere Community
USA, Inc. The relevant sections of Article V, Section 2 are reproduced below:

Purpose of the Board

  1. Promote stability and dignity of The UC-USA;
  2. Provide The UC-USA with good public image necessary to achieve its aim
    and objectives; and
  3. Generate and suggest to the National Executive Committee, ideas, ways, and means of raising funds for the smooth running of The UC-USA.

Functions of the Board

The Board of Directors of the UC-USA shall have the following functions:

  1. Act as an advisory body to the General Assembly of The UC-USA;
  2. Foster unity within the internal organs of The UC-USA;
  3. Refer all matters for implementation to the National Executive Committee of The UC-USA;
    iv. Approve the expenditure/disbursement of all funds in excess of $1,500 (one thousand, five hundred US dollars) – the maximum limit for the National Executive Committee acting as a body;
  4. Appoint the members of the ad-hoc electoral committee for managing the election process during an election year;
  5. Be solely responsible for all disciplinary actions of the UC-USA members and officers of the National Executive Committee, while adhering to the following procedure:
    • A motion to discipline an officer of the UC-USA shall emanate from either the General Assembly or the Board of Directors;
    • Upon receiving such motion, the Chairman of the Board or preceding officer shall invite a secondment to the motion; if seconded, the Board of Directors, shall deliberate on the motion and report its final resolution to
      the General Assembly for approval; and
    • A simple majority of members present and voting shall affirm or reject the Executive Committee’s recommendation.